Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Dental Health Checkup Camp inaugurated by Dr. DC Shetty

It is hectic for people to keep their work schedules and health checkups separately. The hard truth is that we should recognise that a doctor’s visit can mean a difference between life and death. It is very essential for one to be updated with their regular health checkups to secure their long and healthy life. Doctors can actually detect the early issues of the problem and will suggest you the best measure for its prevention. It is very important for a person to understand the importance of Health checkups in our life. Because of the change in the environment and pollution, We have become more prone to the health issues and the younger generation is especially affected by health issues at an early age, though the problem sometimes occurs after a certain age but if detected on time it can be easily cured. As we all know that prevention is better than cure.

A dental health check up was organised by Dr Devicharan Shetty at I.T.S Dental College. Dr Shetty is working on the dental health from a long time. He is very active is spreading awareness about different health issues and how it can be cured. His World Tobacco day campaign was marked as success in the district. In his dental health check up a campaign he spoke about the importance of prosthetic dentures. The campaign was organised on the World geriatric Day. He explained the importance of Oral Hygiene, self-cleanliness and the maintenance of artificial dentures for the geriatric patients. He also discussed the  precautions to be taken care of for the longevity of the artificial dentures.

Dr DC Shetty is very concerned about the faulty prosthesis and improper instructions are given while delivering the prosthesis. As these issues can hamper the physical and mental health of an individual. During the health checkup, he has witnessed hundreds of complete dentures to the geriatric patients. He provided this feature free of cost as a gesture of helping the elderly people. With the help of his team, they screened more than 500 patients in a single day. He applauded his student team for their effort in organising the event and have conducted it with great expertise. He also educated the patients about the oral lesions that occur due to the faulty prosthesis, old dentures. He shared all the hazardous effects that might occur due to the ill fitting prosthesis. It is advised to all the patients to go for regular health checkups as any kind of oral diseases if neglected can be hazardous for the life of a person. Regular Health checkups can cut the healthcare costs.


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